Web Development

The web powers a vast array of applications built using robust web technologies engineered for the future. We at Kendooit Labs recognize that the web is not going anywhere. The web is in fact a critical component of many solutions. We integrate web technologies with back-end services to empower apps or Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Not only does it provide a web presence for your company or an information portal, it also offers a reliable alternative to other platforms such as Mobile and Desktop.

Kendooit Labs is the right partner you can trust in developing a wide spectrum of solutions and frameworks that leverage the power of the internet. We offer clear and effective technology solutions to complex business problems. Some systems powered by the web include:

CRM Applications | CMS Systems | ERP Systems | E-Commerce | Mobile Backend | API Development

Front-End Development

We believe, your company’s front-end experience, is your face to the world. You can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, attracting and retaining customers, and creating systems that work for your employees a smartly built front-end framework. Kendooit Labs' multiplatform and cross-industry front-end development expertise ensures that we have the technical chops to build the applications and software your company needs using the latest cutting-edge languages and technologies.

Your clients/users expect your website or application to more than just work; they expect it to work for them. They’re used to intuitive interfaces and technology that seamlessly integrates into every aspect of their lives and expect the same from your products and applications. Having an outdated user experience doesn’t just hold you back; it can actually hurt your business.

That’s where Kendooit Labs comes in. We’ve been doing front-end development as a dedicated practice since before early front-end frameworks and we bring more than a decade of insight to the table. With all that experience, our team knows how to apply the latest technologies and frameworks to the front end development process — and that means longer software life and the best return on investment for you.

Front End

Here’s just a sample of our many front-end development capabilities:

  • Angular

    We use this comprehensive JavaScript framework maintained by Google to build scalable modular web solutions to meet your business needs.

  • React

    We utilize this powerful JavaScript library maintained by Facebook to create flexible solutions for your most dynamic content that can work with your existing code.

  • Backbone

    We create complex web experiences with this flexible JavaScript library that gives you the freedom to create rich site interactions.

  • Knockout

    We craft simple solutions to complex user interactions with this rich JavaScript library that’s great for complicated data relationships and creating sophisticated, templated interfaces.


iOS Apps Development

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications combine the best of both worlds, web and mobile applications. Developing hybrid reduces the cost of development, provides easy access to device data as well as works offline and scales to a variety of platforms and Operating Systems. We combine the power of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 to develop Hybrid applications with the latest frameworks such as PhoneGap, Ionic, Appcelerator.

Hybrid Mobile App Development | Migration to Hybrid Frameworks |Support & Maintenance | Independent Testing

Android App Development

Mobile Backend & APIs

With our mobile first strategy, we empower you to build scalable backend systems alloyed with API-driven architecture, that fuels additional front-end applications, websites and apps on top of the similar conditions and share the same information. We leverage the capabilities of different frameworks that fits the business needs and specific scenarios to be able to create a single data source for handling multiple applications.

Mobile CMS Social Integration | API / Webservices |App Engagement with Push-notification Services | Content Distribution

Cloud Solutions Development


Whether it is a big retail shop, a reputed brand or a small brick-n-mortar store, we work closely with merchants of all sizes to create a digital bridge between the products and the potential customers. Our impeccable experience of working with thousands of e-commerce businesses takes us way beyond creating your website – and work with you closely to transform your online sales with definite e-commerce strategy, with marketing as well as engagement tactics. Services include:

Custom E-Commerce Development | SaaS based E-commerce Set up | Mobile Commerce with Web apps / Native Apps

Hybrid App Development

Custom Web Development

You can count on our talented team with exceptional web development experience to establish your brand, automate processes or just about anything that you can think of on the web. We hold your hand at every single step while we create custom web solutions for you – be it during discovery, definition, design, development or deployment.

Custom Website Design | B2B Portal | Enterprise Web Application Development | Intranet Applications
Hybrid App Development

Content Management System

Content has always led the success of any digital solution. We enable you to let your users consume meaningful content in the form and the factor you choose. We create information centric and future-ready systems with features having greater ease-of-use. CMS systems include:

Drupal | DotNetNuke | Joomla | Custom Built CMS | WordPress

Web Technologies We Work With

Our staff are specialists of various technologies that range from server-side to front-end tech stacks. Some randomized listing is below:

PHP | .NET | Java | HTML5 Drupal |Joomla | Wordpress | Aabaco Small Business | Magento | Shopify | Node .JS | Angular .JS | Mongo DB | MySQL | MsSQL | Configure.IT